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Gwen Handcrafed Runner

Handwoven, brilliant, and an instant showstopper

Custom sizes

We love the challenge of making a unique piece that is perfectly tailored to your personal style. Whether it is a change in rug size to suit your space or create rugs with or without tassels. Let's discuss.

An optical illusion of layers, GWEN looks as if she fell out of an artist's sketchbook and was draped onto your front corridor. The spinning floral pattern will have you dazzled and reminded of an intricate Mandala shape. Ethically sourced and luxury materials are woven to grant you an entrance to delight. Effortless, pure bliss, and delightfully tasteful home decor rugs that speak for themselves. The four floral suns are equally laid in equilateral distance to symbolize balance, grace, and ease.

Materials- 100% Australian wool

Colors-Ocean Depths Blue, Lilly Green, Taupe, Cream, Wooden Oak, Brisk Citrus, Lucky Red

Origin- India

The rug size used in the images is 5’ (150cms). Design proportions may slightly vary according to the chosen size, as every rug is one of a kind.

All images are subject to editing. Rug colors will vary slightly. To create our signature style, we use a hand-dying process with non-toxic colors and plant extracts. This can develop variations in color so every piece is expressly unique. Additionally, weather or rainfall can affect yield and color slightly.

Gwen Handcrafed Runner