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Gemma Handcrafted Rug


Custom sizes

We love the challenge of making a unique piece that is perfectly tailored to your personal style. Whether it is a change in rug size to suit your space or create rugs with or without tassels. Let's discuss.

A Moroccan Masterpiece and Sultry Colored Fantasy. The Gemma Hand Crafted Rug is shaped with geometric patterns and flowing lines all layered and contributing to a cross-like figure in the center. The sharp edges of her corners are filed by individual art pieces in each row. Scalloped flowers, pin-striped beveled piping, an ace of clubs in each house. The Gemma Rug is our favorite for more clean-cut homes looking to bring in some color. Made of 100% Australian Wool that is set upon a cushion of woven cotton, we are proud to deliver you luxury, high quality, custom weaved rugs that create conversation, community, and commonwealth.

Materials- 100% Australian wool

ColorsSea Mint Blue, Aqua, Green Day, RichGold, Muted Mauve, Brass Orange, Silver Grey, Dust Sand, Nude Beige, Classic Cream

Origin- India

The rug size used in the images is 5’ x 7’ . Design proportions may slightly vary according to the chosen size, as every rug is one of a kind.

All images are subject to editing. Rug colors will vary slightly. To create our signature style, we use a hand-dying process with non-toxic colors and plant extracts. This can develop variations in color so every piece is expressly unique. Additionally, weather or rainfall can affect yield and color slightly.

Gemma Handcrafted Rug