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Enya Handcrafted Rug

An Heirloom Rug Intricately Woven with Fresh Colors of Spring, Zest, and Bright Fuchsias that feature an intricate and ornate pattern.

Custom sizes

We love the challenge of making a unique piece that is perfectly tailored to your personal style. Whether it is a change in rug size to suit your space or create rugs with or without tassels. Let's discuss.

An Heirloom Rug Intricately Woven with Fresh Colors of Spring, Zest, and Bright Fuchsias that feature an intricate and ornate pattern. The Enya look would look stunning against a traditionally Mid-Century Modern Home aesthetic or even a French Style Country Home look. The pops of color and unforgettable pattern works well with sleek and forward-thinking design elements as well as more eclectic and funky furniture. Imagine laying down with a classic novel and soaking in the Summer sun as she peeks through the sheer curtain windows or even having tea time with an old friend, reminiscing about euphoria and the nostalgia of youth.

Materials- 100% Australian wool

Colors- Fuschia, Zest Lime, Golden Sunset, Aqua Blue

Origin- India

The rug size used in the images is 4 x 6 ft and can be ordered with or without tassels. Design proportions may slightly vary according to the chosen size, as every rug is one of a kind.


Our product is lightweight, making it easier for you to clean. We suggest giving your rugs a weekly vacuum cleaning service. Please make sure there is an anti-slip rug pad under your rug while vacuuming. If you notice a stain on your rug, act fast to ensure effective stain removal. Most of the stains can be removed if handled quickly.
If there are serious stains, you may wet a cloth with a specialized textile shampoo and water solution to clean the affected area. Please do not use harmful chemicals as they can damage the texture and color of the rugs.
It is highly recommended to use an underlay on any floor surface. It will prolong the life of your amazing rug. In order to promote the even wear, we suggest you to rotate the rug every 2-3 weeks and make sure to avoid it from the direct sunlight.
Enhance the life of your rug by cleaning it at least once a fortnight. Just turn it over; gently shake and beat it. You may also use a vacuum cleaning however please avoid a motorised vacuum head. You can also hire a professional cleaning service if required.
• Please note, the products may be slightly different as they are handcrafted. Artisans work hard to ensure our products are unique and different from the mass-produced products.
• Up to 60 days required to make 4" x 6" and 5" X 7" size rugs. Up to 90 days required to make 6" x 9" and 8" X 10" size rugs. It is our passion to travel worldwide and bring the most amazing craftsmanship to your doorstep. Our artisans spend quality time to design and make the products that are unique in every sense. The products are made upon request (order). Please make sure to review the time to make before placing your order.
• Continental US shipping only

Enya Handcrafted Rug