Humble Beginnings

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About us

Transform your space and infuse creativity and flair into your home or office with our one-of-a-kind decor products designed to add a level of peace and tranquility. By blending traditional ways of work with modern outlook, we strive to bring products that fit your unique needs and add a charm to your lifestyle.

That is why we have dedicated ourselves to bringing you the finest home decor. We find talented weavers from around the world, and we provide them with the opportunity to spread their art, while you receive the home décor you need to feel a sense of tranquility during your time at home. Master artisans spend quality time and efforts when it comes to designing the product and choosing the color tones.

Our products are designed to exude charm and elegance, while maintaining the simplicity needed to provide a relaxing home environment. This is a key feature of The Tower Tops products, as we believe we offer more than simple rugs and pillow cases; we offer a peace of mind.  Each product has a unique flair and is created upon order. Master artisans handcraft the products with complete finesse. Each product reflects a story, a story that makes the product unique. The products travel across the world before they decorate your space and give it a magical touch.